My favorite holiday tradition

For someone who does not “officially” celebrate Christmas, I’m its biggest fan! The lights, the presents, the cookies, midnight mass, matching pajamas — I am all in!

My most favorite tradition by far are all the holiday cards.

Every day I rush to my mailbox with anticipation and hope that I’ll find a card. I take them inside and sit at my desk and carefully open each one. I get emotional seeing how the kids have grown, the thought that went into the outfits, and the smiles on everyone’s face (and sometimes the grimaces … ha!). These cards have become a favorite decoration in my house and for all who visit. I attach each one to a ribbon and hang them like they are fine art in a gallery. When guests come over, they head first to the wall of cards and pick their favorite.

Needless to say, most of the cards I receive and send are somehow related to Flint Hill. I am always overwhelmed with Husky Pride to see the FH gear in the photos and the industrious parents that write a letter and include how proud they are of our school and their children. Alumni parent cards are really the best, though. While the family photo is usually long gone, I love hearing updates about everyone in their next chapters. It makes me feel so happy, too, that our friendship that all started at Flint Hill is still there.

Friendship and fun are what the Parents’ Association is all about. Joy is what I feel when I get to know a new parent and somehow find my way into their life. You all are the best part of this holiday season for me. I hope you all have a wonderful break and a happy new year! We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to!

Go Huskies!
Sibel Unsal P’22, Parents’ Association President