Once a Husky, Always a Husky

It was a beautiful weekend. The Toast to Celebrate John was sensational! It was so nice to be able to honor our headmaster for 17 remarkable years at Flint Hill. It was fun to see his face after each surprise: his portrait, two of his three sons surprising him, the Flint Hill Family Album that you all contributed to, the incredible gifts to a financial aid endowment in his name, the touching video of our community honoring him, and the reveal of the Middle School terrace to The John M. Thomas Terrace. Thank you to the Advancement Team for making it so special.  

I saw so many friends who I haven’t seen in years — lots of current FH families and so many alumni parents who had such an influence on me. It was a group of parents who had upper school students when I had a kindergartener. They welcomed me into the school community and showed me the way. I am so thankful for them. It was interesting to hear about what they were up to and how their children are on their own paths to success.  

This weekend also got me thinking. My son spent the weekend at his future university home, for a pre-freshman weekend. He is usually always in communication, and yet, he did not check in since he reported that he had landed. It occurred to me to search the university's Instagram to see if I could find photos of him. Don’t worry … I spotted his back twice!  

Friday is Senior Day at Flint Hill, when the Class of 2022 gathers to celebrate each other and their teachers and look back at their time at FH. This is their last traditional day in the building. Next week, they move on to AP exams and Senior Projects.  

These once little children are now moving on. And we, as their parents are also moving on.  Seeing all the alumni and alumni parents this weekend again reminded me of a popular saying around Flint Hill: Once a Husky, Always a Husky. Flint Hill will always be John’s home, and it will always be home for each and every one of us.  

My advice for this week: 

  • Enjoy each moment! It all goes so fast!
  • Come to the Upper School musical, “Working,” this weekend.
  • Sign up to spend the morning of May 26 with me at the Golf Clinic.
  • Smile. Smile because you get to be part of this amazing community!

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