I describe Flint Hill as an opportunity. An opportunity for us as parents and for our children as students.

This week is full of opportunities for me. The opportunity for me to be present.

Jenni Washburn has become a very good friend of mine. I got to know her years ago when only 2 of her 4 children were old enough to attend Flint Hill. We used to make calls for the Annual Fund together. I have gotten to know all of the Washburns well and have seen their children grow into amazing Huskies! Jenni’s husband Hunter is in the US Navy and is currently on active duty to take command of a ship. Jenni honored me with the amazing opportunity to accompany her to the Lower School open classroom visits. She has children in both first and second grade and couldn’t be in both places at once. This was an opportunity to not only see her children but also their classmates and teachers. I was so impressed with the maturity and resilience of the children and with how fun the teachers made learning. Thank you, Jenni, for allowing me to relive the wonder of Flint Hill Lower School!

On Friday, I volunteered at the Igloo (the concession stand in the Upper School) with Jill Demsey. I thought it would be a normal volunteer shift with lots of hungry students, but I was surprised when I heard singing and cheering coming from the hallways. I happened to stumble on Open Mic. Open Mic is another FH tradition that had been in hibernation and is now back. Upper School Students and Faculty can sign up to sing, dance, tell jokes, and just show their talents to other members of the community. I love Open Mic, and I was so happy to catch it.

A bittersweet moment this week as my family and I attended John Thomas’s Senior Family Dinner. I remember when my son was a freshman, we attended a similar dinner. I remember it like yesterday, sitting at long tables with other Class of 2022 parents, talking about how excited we were for the next 4 years. We shared our hopes and dreams for our children and how lucky we all felt for this opportunity.

Now, four years later, we came together again and talked about what’s next and how quickly time has passed. It was so nice to see these young men and women, and hear about their plans for next year, and see my now old friends and reminisce about all the fun we have had at FH.

Please take the opportunity to be present. Attend socials, get to know the teachers at conferences, read the newsletter, play in the golf tournament  (or skills clinic- no past experience required!), volunteer at the Igloo and attend sporting events. Now, as a parent of a graduating senior, I see how quickly this time in our lives passes. Enjoy the opportunity to be a Flint Hill parent.

Go Huskies!


Sibel Unsal P ‘22
Parents’ Association President