Thank you, Volunteers!

Thank you to all who participated and volunteered at the Flint Hill Golf Invitational. It was great to see everyone!  

For me, one of the best things about being a parent at Flint Hill is the opportunity to volunteer. Being able to see the school firsthand is so special, and being able to meet fellow parents and develop friendships is important.  

Although Daniel Stanciu ’22 is a lifer, I didn’t really get to know his mom, Michelle, until our children were in second grade. Michelle was kind of a celebrity; her daughter, Victoria, had already been at FH a few years. She was part of the Parents' Association, and she already knew the ropes. I was still a little shy. Michelle became a great friend that year and a mentor in getting me involved at Flint Hill. She had me sign up to help when needed, made sure I came to parent dinners and always made sure I felt included. I hope I have been successful in continuing what she taught me.

For the past few years, Michelle led the charge of the Den, the Igloo and Hut concession stands. You have likely seen my beautiful and hardworking friend carting all the drinks and snacks into our concession stands a few times a week. She does all the shopping and makes sure that the kids have lots of delicious and sometimes nutritious snacks to choose from. Michelle is really the most organized and best worker — when she is around, I just step aside, as I know that whatever the task is, she will do it better and faster than I ever could. I know Michelle gets tired sometimes, but she believes in friendship and in Flint Hill and has never let me or the school down.  

This morning, John and I honored all the great Husky Volunteers. This school and community would not be the same without you all! Your contribution to making this “home” is undeniable. I cannot thank you all enough for showing up when asked. If you are a little shy, like I was all those years ago, make sure to sign up next year. Everyone has a “first day,” and all of us are just ready to make you family.  


Go Huskies!

Sibel Unsal P’22
Parents’ Association President

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