It’s important to leave a school or institution better than you found it because ... there are thousands of people who came before you that left it better than when they found it. That’s really what it’s all about, is to not just think about your own child, but the other kids that go to school with your child and the ones who will come after them. — Eddy Yager P ’18

Flint Hill creates trailblazers like you.

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Students need to be inspired. They need to be encouraged to take meaningful risks and have the confidence to be themselves.

It takes special teachers to make a difference for these students. Teachers who are innovative, curious and supportive. That is the difference at Flint Hill.

Your support provides teachers and students the resources that make a Flint Hill education as impactful as it can be. You provide financial aid opportunities that expand access to the Flint Hill experience. And your support gives students and teachers the tools they need to innovate every day.

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