From The Head of School – September 6, 2023

September 6, 2023

Flint Hill Community, 

I hope that these first few days of school have gone smoothly for your family. I have so enjoyed seeing our students back on campus, filling the rooms with their joy, the halls with their laughter, and building that one-of-a-kind connection with their teachers.  

I have also enjoyed seeing all of the adults come together in support of our community, as that school-family partnership is vital to a healthy environment in which our students are loved, supported, and challenged to be their best selves. We recognize that a school year can have its ups and downs, and there may be challenges along the way. It’s how we band together in healthy partnership that determines the outcome. 

At last week’s Back-to-School Night, Upper School Director Don Paige shared with the hundreds of parents in attendance, “We will be the place where we communicate with each other, teacher to parent and parent to teacher. We will always assume that the person sharing information has the best intentions. We will do these things because what sincerely unites us is that we all, both parents and faculty/staff, have an unwavering and non-negotiable focus on how to best help the students in this building grow, in both the short term and long term.”  

In a beautiful symmetry, the next morning, I was able to spend some time with the 80 or so Flint Hill Parents’ Association Divisional Ambassadors who have given their time and attention to supporting that sense of community, as well. In that group, we have new and long-standing Flint Hill parents – a mix of moms and dads, parents of alumni, and even some alumni themselves. Please be on the lookout for and thank this dedicated group of volunteers, led by PA President Scott McCandless, as you see them at parent meetups and other community events.  

I hope that you feel supported and encouraged to bring your whole self to our Husky community. Together, we are all charged with actively and positively engaging with one another, honoring and celebrating our unique gifts and perspectives, and making this school an outstanding learning environment. I hope that we can continue to feed this positive mindset throughout the year, including at the coming Middle and Lower School Back-to-School Nights.  

I am honored to be in partnership and support of such a dedicated and caring community of parents, guardians, and cheerleaders for our Husky students. 

Go Huskies!

Patrick McHonett
Head of School