Flint Hill’s unique educational approach immerses students in an environment that is supportive, innovative, and fosters curiosity and a passion for learning.
Please join us for an upcoming event or tour to learn more. Our admission team is looking forward to walking you through the building, sharing more about our program and answering your questions about what it's like to be a Husky.


Flint Hill SchoolSpring 2022COPYRIGHT REBECCA DROBIS
Flint Hill SchoolSpring 2022COPYRIGHT REBECCA DROBIS


Our admission events will resume in September. Check back soon for registration links!


Please note that tours are offered at our in-person events. Events also offer opportunities to meet leadership, teachers, staff, parents and students. We recommend you register for an in-person event first, then decide if you would like to book an individual tour, virtual meeting with an officer, phone call or admission interview.


There are many ways to connect with us and “see” Flint Hill: schedule a phone consultation or virtual meeting; register for an upcoming event or watch a previous event; or follow us on social media — all of our channels are linked at the bottom of this page.



Imagine What's Possible at Flint Hill

Looking for an introduction to Flint Hill? This 45-minute webinar recording is a great place to start. Learn about our core values and how they inform everything we do. Find out how we fuel our intellect through the exploration of new ideas, knowledge and understanding.

Affordability in Private Education Webinar

At this session, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Jennifer Webb shares common ways to afford private school.

Lower School Virtual Information Session

Preview Flint Hill's Lower School and learn how your child's fullest potential can be unleashed with the right educational partner.

Middle School Virtual Information Session

Preview Flint Hill's Middle School in this virtual information session with Director of the Middle School Brian Lamont and current Middle School parents and students. Information regarding the admission process and the new Peterson Middle School are presented as well.

Middle and Upper School Fine Arts and Innovation Event

Learn about our Fine Arts and Innovation programs from 7-12 Innovation Chair Vicki Knickerbocker and Director of Fine Arts James Venhaus as well as a variety of teachers, students and parents.

Upper School Virtual Information Session

Learn why Flint Hill alum report being better prepared for college than their peers.

Navigating Private School Admission Webinar

Just beginning your private school search? Get tips and tricks for your private school search and admission journey. You'll find out the difference between private and public institutions, what private institutions look for in a candidate, and what makes Flint Hill stand out from the pack.

Taking Meaningful Risks Coffee Chat

A big part of Flint Hill’s vision for students is to encourage them to take “meaningful risks.” But what does that actually mean? How does our culture create a space that empowers students to take those meaningful risks? Faculty members across divisions elaborate on what taking meaningful risks means at Flint Hill, including how they encourage students to create their own definitions of success and explore ideas creatively and critically.

Virtual Curiosity Event

Learn how curiosity drives Flint Hill's culture and approach to education. Parents pose questions to our teachers and members of the leadership team.

Pattern Right

Journey to Fostering an Inclusive Community

Flint Hill's work on diversity, equity and inclusion doesn't have an endpoint.