When students have the opportunity to engage with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, their understanding expands, compassion deepens, and outlook broadens. At Flint Hill, diversity, equity, and inclusion is not a box we simply check.

The diversity of our community is vital to our mission and an essential element of our educational excellence. We fundamentally believe that our individual existence, academic environment, and our world at large are enhanced through difference.

Our director of institutional equity and inclusion resides at the center of our operations, as we consistently and proactively address systems and structures to ensure equity for all in our community, regardless of who you are or how you learn. We commit to education and training across our community to promote ongoing dialogue. We adorn our walls with international flags as a celebration of the rich makeup of our School and invite families to be active participants in the pursuit of understanding. At the heart of all we do is our core value of "Respect and value all equally," which we believe fosters a better, more equitable world. Flint Hill is a school where all students can be themselves.