Learning Center

When students understand how they learn best, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

We recognize and celebrate that each student is unique and learns differently. With small classes and attention to every student, we are able to individualize learning and teach to each student’s strengths.


Our Work with Students

Our nationally recognized Learning Center works with students of all ages to develop tools that help them not merely handle the rigors of our program, but excel. Learning Support specialists are a part of the fabric of our community and seamlessly offer a variety of individualized support to students  so they can thrive.

In Lower School, specialists provide reading, writing, and math support for students in their classrooms. This support is designed for students who need a little additional, specialized academic support. The team also provides some small group instruction in the areas of reading, writing, and math. As students get older, their work with learning specialists is increasingly connected to their in-class assignments and other homework/projects.

In grades 7-12, learning specialists work individually with students to set goals, create action plans, foster a better understanding of themselves as learners, and become strong self-advocates. Flint Hill students are also supported by a structure that includes one-on-one teacher help during office hours, the opportunity to participate in monitored study halls, access to trained counselors, and small class sizes that allow teachers to really know their students.

Our Work with Teachers

As a student-centered learning environment, we continually keep the needs of students at the forefront. Learning Center specialists assist teachers in planning instruction for a wide range of learners. 

Our specialists collaborate with teachers and faculty in support of student needs and are a key part of divisional student support team meetings. They are in constant collaboration with teachers around students’ academic development offering resources, support, advice, and training to enable faculty to better meet the needs of all learners.

Members of the team are experts in their field and best practices pertaining to learning differences and take the charge of sharing that knowledge with the full faculty. Specialists are equipped to analyze educational evaluations to create and/or update formal learning profiles and accommodations plans for students.


The Learning Center provides academic support for learners with learning and/or attentional differences. Learning specialists work with students and teachers to help students perform to their potential. 

Yes, learning specialists have specialized backgrounds and training in fields relevant to supporting students with learning differences.

During the application process, families must provide all historical and current documentation of learning differences and/or attentional challenges. If families anticipate seeking an evaluation for learning differences and/or ADHD prior to joining Flint Hill, they must inform the admission staff during the admission process to be eligible to receive learning support services.  


The Learning Center provides academic, speech and language, and fine motor screenings for Lower School students, some of which are provided by contracted service providers. A speech and language clinician and an occupational therapist provide fee-for-service remediation for qualified students. Learning specialists serve as facilitators of collaboration between all service providers who work with each student.