Flint Hill’s unique educational approach immerses students in an environment that is supportive, innovative, and fosters curiosity and a passion for learning.

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Upcoming Virtual Previews

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Virtual Preview Archive

Virtual previews allow prospective families to “experience” Flint Hill online, with presentations from administrators and current parents and students.


Upper School Virtual Preview Event

During this virtual event recording you will hear from Upper School leaders about our academic and extracurricular programs, including student life and college counseling, as well as information regarding the admission process. Current parents and students share their perspectives about the Upper School experience as well!

Lower School Virtual Preview

In this virtual event, learn more about Flint Hill’s Lower School. Hear from Director of the Lower School Sheena Hall and current Lower School parents. Information regarding the admission process is also shared.

Middle School Virtual Preview

Preview Flint Hill’s Middle School virtually with Director of the Middle School Brian Lamont and current Middle School parents and students. Information regarding the admission process and the new Peterson Middle School (opening August 2020) are presented as well!

Upcoming Webinars

Our webinar series offers topical resources for current and prospective families alike. The schedule is updated regularly so watch this space for new programming. In the meantime, check out our archive below.

Webinar Recordings

Kindergarten Readiness

Are you wondering if your child is ready for kindergarten? If so, the experts can help you make that determination! In this webinar recording with our Director of the Lower School Sheena Hall you also will learn more about Flint Hill’s junior kindergarten and kindergarten programs and have an opportunity to ask the experts questions!

Understanding the Why: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Schools

At Flint Hill, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not buzzwords. These terms define who we are, how we teach and why we connect. Our commitment to institutional equity makes our vision to take meaningful risks, be themselves and make a difference possible for every student. In this webinar, we examine the student competencies and outcomes of DEI and how it drives our innovative teaching and learning.

What Flint Hill Teachers Know about How Your Student Learns

In the last 20 years, there is more research available to educators about how the brain works and about the variables that impact student motivation. In this webinar, you will learn more about effective practices for deep learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and helping students to take ownership of their learning.

A Deeper Understanding of Math in Higher Grades

Through applications and real models, Middle and Upper School students at Flint Hill get a deeper understanding of math concepts that can lead to powerful student outcomes. This webinar explores the math curriculum for the Middle and Upper Schools and the different paths students can take to explore this topic in those divisions.

When will my child learn to read?

In this webinar, our reading specialists and JK-6 Language Arts Department chair discuss the developmental progression of reading instruction, including the research-based curriculum and methods used at Flint Hill.

Preparing for College Admission: What Matters

Planning is an important component of any successful college search and application process. This webinar will provide an overview of the steps families should take — and when — to prepare for an effective and meaningful college admission process. Topics covered will include academic planning and course selection, the factors which affect an admission decision and steps to take each year of high school in order for a student to be positioned well to apply to college.

Developing a Strong Mathematical Mind in the Lower School

What has changed in math instruction to help students of all levels to achieve a deeper understanding? See how young students can learn to create knowledge from their experiences and develop a stronger mathematical mind.

Understanding Anxiety in Kids and Teens

Hosted by Elisa Nebolsine, this webinar provides an overview of what anxiety looks like in kids, how to identify when it’s a problem and simple strategies you can begin using today to help your child manage their worries.

About the Speaker

Elisa Nebolsine provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to children and adolescents in her Falls Church, Virginia practice, CBT for Kids. She holds a master’s degree in clinical social work from Smith College and has worked with kids, teens, and their families for the past 25 years. In addition, she advises educational and mental health professionals on the use of CBT in direct practice and preventively, with at-risk youth.

A Student-Driven Approach to Math from Pre-K to 12th Grade

Why we need math is a great question to ask. At Flint Hill, math instruction is student-driven. Rather than using memorization drills and lectures, students learn to understand and apply math concepts in ways that align with the ways they learn best. In this webinar, we’ll show you what that looks like from pre-k to 12th grade.

Navigating the Admission Process in Private Schools

Learn about the timeline and steps in the admission process. We will discuss topics such as helpful hints for the student and parent interviews, what student assessments are commonly required, and student visits or shadow days.

Affordability in Private Schools

For many parents, private school education is an investment of resources that they prioritize because of the enormous gains. Private schools have a proven track record of offering students support from nurturing communities, extraordinary classroom instruction and producing graduates who are well-rounded and successful. In this webinar, you will learn more about making a private school education possible for your child.