At Flint Hill, students’ study of the arts is part of their preparation for tomorrow’s world.

Flint Hill’s strong and comprehensive fine arts offerings are part of our core commitment to providing a balanced program that positions our students for long term fulfillment and success.

In the Lower School, students begin a life long journey of making art and music by developing arts literacy and learning foundational skills. In the Middle School, students develop confidence, creativity, and commitment in art, music, and theater, doing advanced work by eighth grade. In the Upper School, there is a range of opportunities in virtually every fine arts discipline. Students dive deeply into their interests and are well prepared to pursue the arts at the college or university level. Advanced students who choose to advance to a visual arts college or performing arts conservatory are ready to succeed.

Across every division and area of study, students are encouraged to be creative, acquire new skills, think critically, communicate and express their passions. Students learn to be artists at Flint Hill.



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Visual Arts

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Performing Arts

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