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Upper School

When students are known, challenged, and supported as they develop from adolescence into adulthood, there is no limit to what they can achieve in college and beyond.

With our rigorous academic program and extracurricular opportunities, Flint Hill students can do it all. We inspire our students to reach their greatest potential while maintaining balance and well-being. Our academic program is both challenging and supportive — allowing all students to be successful. We cultivate deep learning and encourage students to pursue all of their interests.

We believe that learning led by curiosity inspires students to develop passion and purpose. Always innovating to set new standards of excellence, we don’t let resources or schedules limit our students’ experience. Our culture of support and inclusion allows students to feel welcome and connected from day one — whether they’re a lifer or transferring from another school.

Preparing for college, our four full-time college counselors focus on truly getting to know students and guiding them to “right-fit” schools. Students graduate as confident self-advocates with the skills and maturity to excel in college and blaze their own trail in life.

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