Flint Hill Students Are:

Self-Directed Learners

Flint Hill students are self-directed learners who are curious, adaptable, resilient and seek balance in all that they do. They demonstrate initiative in their learning through joyful exploration and discovery and are willing to take risks.

Problem Solvers

Flint Hill students are problem solvers who apply analytical and creative thinking skills to all aspects of their formal and informal learning. They are innovative and reflective and approach problems both independently and collaboratively.


Flint Hill students are leaders who motivate, inspire, and model positive participation. They listen actively, collaborate, and strive to bring out the best in themselves and others while serving the needs of the local and global communities.

Effective Communicators

Flint Hill students are effective communicators who express and interpret oral, written, and visual information clearly and deliberately. They consider both the intent and the impact of words and actions and modify their approaches for specific audiences and outcomes.

Ethical Citizens

Flint Hill students are ethical citizens who embody the values of respect, honesty, compassion and responsibility. Recognizing their roles as global citizens, they approach the world with appreciation, empathy, and optimism and actively embrace diverse cultures, identities, experiences, and ideas.