Institutional Equity & Inclusion

Our Statement of Institutional Equity & Inclusion

When differences are embraced and celebrated within a school community, everyone feels like they belong. Students can learn more effectively, relationships deepen and the community as a whole benefits from a range of experiences and perspectives. We believe that this culture of inclusion is essential for identifying, examining and addressing issues of justice and fairness. With a hopeful vision, our commitment to equity and inclusion is at the core of all of our decisions and is integrated into the educational journey of every member of our community.



Affinity clubs offer safe spaces for students who share an identity to discuss mutual experiences and bolster their sense of community.


Our annual Community of Care summit is an opportunity for members of our community to productively assess how well we are walking our talk.


The Kaleidoscope Book Club for parents provides a relationship-building space to examine topics related to equity and inclusion through the many lenses of literature.


Our annual International Fest celebrates and honors our community’s diverse background, sharing our various cultures through food, dance, music, and tradition.


Flint Hill's culture of support and inclusion allows students to feel welcome and connected from day one. As a school, we continuously work to understand how identity informs the social and academic needs of our students and strive to provide an empowering, safe, and caring learning environment where students can thrive. Our IEI team members have an open door policy with students whenever they need to check in or get help navigating a challenge.  

Upper School students have the opportunity to join one of several affinity groups based on either race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Affinity groups offer a safe space for students to explore their identity and bring visibility to their shared perspectives and experiences.


When students join Flint Hill School, their families join our community as well, and we are grateful for the wealth of diversity they bring. Our Office of Institutional Equity & Inclusion focuses on ensuring that each Flint Hill family feels seen, supported, and celebrated. The School offers resources for families seeking to expand their understanding and dexterity on topics of equity, inclusion, and social justice including parent coffees and parent education events. Parents are also invited to join our Kaleidoscope Book Club which provides a relationship-building space to examine topics related to equity and inclusion through the many lenses of literature.


As an Office of Institutional Equity & Inclusion (IEI), we partner with our colleagues to deepen our collective knowledge, challenge our assumptions, and ensure a safe space for all students. We know that equity and inclusion work takes time, dedication, and grit and as such, Flint Hill is committed to hiring and retaining faculty, administrators, and staff who bring a motivation and aspiration to go on this journey together of becoming a more equitable and inclusive school for all Huskies. Faculty and staff members take advantage of professional development opportunities on and off campus. On-campus, members of our IEI team lead regular Lunch & Learns for teachers to take part in meaningful conversations about topics such as gender-inclusive language and teaching about disability with context and history.


How are we working to become more inclusive?


Mia Burton
Director of Institutional Equity & Inclusion
Claire Wu
Class of 2024
Joelle Tam
English Teacher