Health, Wellness & Counseling

Flint Hill fundamentally believes in developing the whole child — intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Well-rounded, healthy students are more engaged, better learners, and happier in life. With the support of our dedicated and experienced Counseling and Health Services teams, our students learn to manage emotions, handle life’s demands, and build resilience — skills that serve them well into adulthood.


Our highly specialized Counseling Department is composed of six professionals across all three divisions who focus exclusively on mental health and wellness. Flint Hill counselors design and implement thoughtful and developmentally sound wellness and human-development programming. They offer personalized and intentional supports on an as-needed basis to students and families related to mental health and wellness. They collaborate with teachers to help our students create balance so they can meet the challenges of our program while enjoying the journey as much as the destination.



Through weekly Wellness classes, counselors help students increase their awareness of themselves and others, learn about available school resources, and develop life skills such as communication and conflict resolution, respect for self and others, decision-making, time-management and goal-setting, stress management, and self-care.


In Middle School, counselors help students navigate their emotional lives during early adolescence, impart conflict-resolution and problem-solving strategies as a part of a Wellness and Life Skills curriculum, and coordinate Middle School parent education events.


In the Upper School, counselors work with students to provide individual support for their social, emotional, and psychological needs. They provide ongoing evaluation and assessment of students that are referred by faculty, staff, parents, and students themselves.

Upper School counselors teach and coordinate the Human Development curriculum as well as plan and coordinate prevention programs. They also coordinate and supervise the Peer Counseling Program, a self-nominated and teacher-selected student leadership group that provides peer feedback and counseling to students.


Our community’s physical and mental health is of the utmost importance. We know keeping our community healthy requires a strong family-school partnership. Flint Hill has a robust health care team that works collaboratively with our counseling office to support students and employees. Each campus has a full-time registered nurse on site from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.