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Fall 2022

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    College Dinner Photos

    College dinners are back in person this year. Follow us @flinthillalumni on Instagram to see where we've been and where we're going.

    From the Head of School


    During our chats, I always ask the same questions: 

    What did you love about Flint Hill?

    What could we have done better?

    And, How can we help you?

    Hello Husky & Falcon Alumni, 

    Whether at Homecoming, at lunches and coffees off-campus, or hitting the road to visit our young alumni on college campuses far and wide, I have so appreciated every chance I have had to learn more from each of you.

    The feedback has been outstanding- from stories of impactful teachers and life-changing coaches and theatrical performances, to challenging topics that cut to the core of what we believe as a school. Thank you for being honest and supportive every step of the way. From your feedback, we are learning how to best prepare our current and future students to lead a complex and challenging world.

    If we haven't had the chance to connect yet, I look forward to the opportunity. If you're in the area, I would love to have you back on campus.  And, if you're out of the area and want to engage in the good work of supporting our current and future students, I'm all ears. Please don't hesitate to reach out, anytime.  

    Then, now, and always!


    Patrick McHonett

    Head of School

    Amplifying Alumni Voices

    Breana Turner '15 recently returned to campus to address the community at our annual Community of Care event on November 12. Breana's speech emphasized the importance of cultivating an inclusive environment that encourages students to live out the Flint Hill core values and embody the school's vision statement wherever life may take them.

    Breana is a full-time Ph.D. student studying Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health at Virginia Tech and recently completed her term as the first Miss Virginia Volunteer 2021. She has spent five years building a community outreach mentor and empowerment program, Sisters with Ambition.

    Following her keynotes, participants of the Community of Care event engaged in thoughtful and constructive dialogue about how well our core values and commitment to equity and inclusion are integrated into the Flint Hill experience.


    Breana Turner '15

    Teacher Spotlight

    Valerie Morehouse

    Upper School English Teacher

    Valerie Morehouse
    Upper School English Teacher

    What has changed about FH the most since when you first started?

    The old joke about Flint Hill is that "the only constant here is change," and that has certainly been true throughout my 16 year tenure. The first big shift came when we became a one-to-one laptop school and everything moved online, from assignments to textbooks. The devices have gotten smaller (laptops to ipads to cell phones), and they can be distracting, but overall, the benefits of using technology in the classroom far outweigh the risks. For example, moving the Senior Project Guidebook to an online document not only saved the school money by eliminating the cost of printing, but also streamlined the entire senior project process by giving students a centralized location for all documents and information. An unexpected benefit became apparent during the coronavirus pandemic, as we continued to function during a prolonged lockdown and then returned to offering in-person instruction months before other schools in the community because we already knew how to use technology to facilitate learning.

    What is inspiring you this year as a teacher?

    I continue to be amazed and inspired by my students who not only survived a global pandemic, but also found a way to thrive. The last few years have been challenging and everyone I know has felt like giving up at some point, but we all go on, and I like to think that we are a little kinder to one another here because of this shared experience. When we returned to all in-person classes last year, the joy and enthusiasm I saw on the faces of my students made me happy to be back, too. This year my students seem so grateful to be in one another's company again, and so eager to return to a "normal" school year, that I want to give them the best experience I can to make up for all that they have lost.

    What are you binge-watching?

    I am trying to stay away from true crime stories (I have watched too many over the last 2 years and it was beginning to make me cynical about people). I love historical dramas, and I am so excited that the new season of The Crown has just started!

    Jody Patrick

    Lower School PE Department Chair, PE teacher and Interim Head Varsity Girl's Field Hockey Coach

    Jody Patrick

    Jody Patrick
    Lower School PE Department Chair, PE teacher and Interim Head Varsity Girl's Field Hockey Coach

    What has changed about FH the most since when you first started?

    Oh gosh, with so many developments, here are my Top 3! :  1. Back in 2001, experiencing an echo-chamber effect in the US hallways and classrooms b/c only half of the classrooms were occupied!,  2. The Peterson Family turf field, which had been a thickly wooded area with a storage house nestled inside the bramble - and now the recently completed Peterson Family Middle School bordering the field. 3. Eating outside of the cafeteria was prohibited - no Commons or hallway lunches - and the Igloo was only open during school events, not during the day!

    What is inspiring you this year as a teacher?

    Finally seeing the students' unmasked faces, bright smiles, and actually seeing them say 'Good Morning, Mrs Patrick!' in carpool and as they enter the Activity Center for class!

    What are you binge-watching?

    'The Crown'! I know, I know, the series may not be considered a 'thing' now, but Season 5  just rolled out!! Fabulous acting and gripping drama - do I sound too much like a paid Brit critic?!

    Two Great Volunteer Opportunities

    Hey alumni! Are you wondering how you can get involved? We are for looking for Class Ambassadors who can reach out to classmates to ask for updates to share in Flint Hill Magazine two times per year. This exciting addition to our Alumni Program will help you stay connected to classmates and us stay connected to you! Please contact Director of Alumni Relations Maria Taylor to learn more or volunteer.

    We are also looking for Reunion Chairs! Classes ending in 3 and 8 are celebrating their Reunion on April 14-15, 2023. If you are interested in helping to plan your Reunion, please contact Maria Taylor.


    Remember these Flint Hill Traditions? Take a walk down memory lane with these videos of these traditions continuing this year.

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      Upcoming Alumni Events

      Thanksgiving Alumni Happy Hour
      For Classes of 2005-2018
      Friday, November 25
      Wilson Hardware, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

      College-Age Alumni Dinner with Faculty
      Wednesday, January 4

      Reunion Weekend
      Classes ending in 3 and 8 are celebrating
      April 14-15

      Reunion Reception
      Open to all local alumni
      Saturday, April 15

      Alumni Events Dates
      To RSVP or for more information about any of these events, please contact Maria Taylor, Director of Alumni Relations.

      From the Archives

      Can anyone identify these happy Huskies who were performing in the Lower School concert around 2004-2005?

      If you can ID them, please write to Maria Taylor, Director of Alumni Relations.

      Then and Now

      - for more Then and Now videos of alumni follow us @flinthillalumni

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