From the Head of School

Head of School Patrick McHonett

Dear Flint Hill Alumni, 

As I’m digging into my second year as Head of School at Flint Hill, one of my favorite activities has been connecting with Flint Hill alumni. Whether on campus at Homecoming, through direct outreach via phone or email, visiting college campuses, or at our inaugural Alumni of Color event in October, I thoroughly enjoy listening to, learning from, and sharing with our alumni.  

In every interaction, discussions invariably touch on the connectedness and impact of a particular teacher, coach, or administrator; and the appreciation and expectation that Flint Hill continues to grow and innovate. In other schools, alumni often wish that the school would never change; however, at Flint Hill, I’ve seen the opposite. Being innovative and ever-evolving is built into who we are, as a part of that “Driving Spirit” we seek to embody. In fact, our alumni expect growth and play an active role in making it happen.  

Balancing that tradition and innovation – being a place that will always feel like home for our alumni, while never resting on its laurels – is a sign of strength and opportunity for our community. I have loved bringing alumni back to campus, whether to speak with current students about the transition to college, or to share some of their professional experiences with our classes. Many thanks to those who give back to their alma mater – you are helping us prepare our students to be successful, thoughtful leaders in college and beyond. 

So, if you haven’t been back to campus lately, please join us: it’s an open invitation to re-engage with Flint Hill. I hope you’ll simultaneously feel a sense of belonging back at home, as well as a sense of pride with how far we’ve come. Our Mission and Core Values will always be our guiding light, enhanced by the curious and courageous approach to education of current and future students, each day.    

Patrick McHonett
Head of School

Leverage your Flint Hill Alumni Network

Although many colleges and universities have offices dedicated to career networking, the Flint Hill Alumni network could be more powerful for you. The Flint Hill Alumni community is a small, tight-knit group so if you reach out to a fellow alum - even if you don’t know them - the chances are good that they’ll be willing to help. Read how Zane Homsi ’15 used the Flint Hill alumni network to help him get his dream job.

“Coming into my last year of college at the University of Virginia, I knew I wanted to work at a technology company. At the time I saw that LinkedIn was hiring for entry-level analysts in their Business Operations team. After finding this dream job, I found that a Flint Hill alum, Greg Lobel ’13, had gone to college with someone who currently had the exact position I was looking for. I asked him if he could connect us, he made an introduction and the rest is history. The person he introduced me to coached me through my interviews, ensured I was successful on the job and has since become one of my best friends!”

Zane Homsi ’15

Did you make a professional connection through the Flint Hill Alumni network? We’d love to hear your story! Please email Maria Taylor ( to share it.

Save the Date: Co-School Networking Event on February 1

The Flint Hill Alumni Office is partnering with Potomac School and Georgetown Day School to host a co-school alumni networking event at Venture X in Arlington, VA on Thursday, February 1, 2024. This will be an opportunity for alumni from our schools to network by industry including Real Estate, Law/Government, Technology/UX, Graphic Design/Marketing, Finance/Business/Consulting, Engineering, and general Career Advice.

Date: Thursday, February 1
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Venture X 2300 Wilson Blvd Ste. 700, Arlington, VA 22201

Inaugural Alumni of Color Reception

On October 13 the Alumni Office hosted the inaugural Alumni of Color Reception. Our goal with hosting this event every year is to create a space to celebrate this particular alumni identity and acknowledge their unique experience. All alumni are invited to attend - regardless of how you identify. 

A special thank you to our host, Tommy McCoy ’08 who allowed us to use the beautiful space at his apartment in Arlington. Thank you also to our amazing Host Committee: Tess Boyer ’08, Chasya Egbue ’19, Josh Green ’10, Ethan Jones ’19, Woojin Kim ’11, Tommy McCoy ’08, Aron Petros ’15, Dev Sethi ’02, Anisha Sharma ’09, Jessica Aspinwall Springsteen ’93, Breana Turner ’15, and Zain Zahir ’19. The event was a great opportunity for alumni to reunite and network with each other. 

Alumni Soundbites

Jenna Jacoby 09

Jenna works at the International Rescue Committee as a Manager on our Major Giving team. The IRC works in more than 50 countries and in 28 US cities to help people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. 

What's your favorite Flint Hill memory?

It's very hard to pick just one because there are so many good memories but the ones that still make the story telling rounds with my family and friends all revolve around swimming. One incredibly special memory was our medley relay my sophomore year. We placed 6th at states and just barely missed the school record BUT it's still my favorite medal, far more than any of my individual titles because I got to share the podium with my sister and friends.

How has your experience at Flint Hill been impactful to your life?

Without being too cheesy or sentimental Flint Hill gave me the ability to understand my brain and the skills to advocate for myself. I transferred sophomore year after being diagnosed with learning disabilities and for the first time had teachers talk to me in ways I could understand. It was definitely formative to not feel stupid for the first time in a classroom. I previously had teachers call me stupid to my face so to be around teachers, especially the Learning Center teachers, and other students who understood that not everyone learns the same changed my perspective. It led me to my career in nonprofits where I help people that fall outside the societal norm. 

Jenna Jacoby '09
Jenna Jacoby '09
Jamal Gallow ’91
Jamal Gallow ’91

Jamal Gallow ’91

Jamal currently lives in Los Angeles with his family where he is pursuing a PhD in theology. He has been a proud Angeleno for 24 years!

What’s your favorite Flint Hill memory?

What sticks out most is making the honor roll for the first time in 9th grade. Previous to joining Flint Hill, I had a hard time in school and never dreamed of making the honor roll. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in elementary school and sent to “learning disabled classes,” where I was made to feel shame for my learning difference. Being at Flint Hill – the teachers and the environment – everything just seemed to click and I began to love learning. Receiving that note from Ms. Casey (the Headmaster back then) gave me a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It motivated me to push harder to see where I could go. I went on to Boston College where I thrived academically. I now proudly identify as a neurodiverse learner.

How has your experience at Flint Hill been impactful to your life?

Attending Flint Hill gave me a sense of belonging. At Flint Hill, I built a confidence in myself, in my abilities, and in the contributions I could offer. I came away with the self-assurance that I could step into any academic or professional space and feel that I belonged there. That confidence serves me now as I continue on my path toward obtaining my PhD in theology. My goal is to promote a collective caring for one another and to spark meaningful discourse in service of equity and social justice. 

College Dinners

The Alumni Office has been on the road this fall visiting college-age alumni at their schools. We have visited 15 colleges so far!



Friday, November 24
Thanksgiving Alumni Happy Hour (Classes of 2005-2019)


Wednesday, January 3
College-age Alumni Dinner with Faculty & Varsity Basketball Game


Thursday, February 1
Alumni Networking Event


Friday, April 26
Falcon Reception

Friday & Saturday, April 26-27
Reunion Weekend

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