This is a studio-based course in which participants complete a series of long-term projects focusing on the development of skills, ideas and experimental thinking. Through units on design, printmaking, drawing, painting and ceramics, students are introduced to technical, historical and aesthetic aspects of art. Students and the instructor investigate work, respond to questions and issues that arise from it, and consider the directions the artist might take. Balance between planning and experimentation is addressed in each project. Throughout the year, students complete daily sketchbook entries and use their sketchbooks as personal diaries. Students participate in numerous group critiques and learn how to assess their own and others’ work. Evaluation and individualized feedback are shared with each student throughout the working process. This course combines students from seventh and eighth grade and represents a two-year curriculum in visual arts. Students may take the course in either grade as a stand-alone course; many students entering in seventh grade take Visual Arts again in eighth grade to experience the full two-year course progression.