November 8, 2023
By Patrick McHonett, Head of School

Living Flint Hill’s Core Values in the Classroom and Community

Thank you for taking the time to dig in and consider options for your most precious resource — your child — in their educational journey.  

I am proud to be Head of School as well as a Flint Hill parent. My son is in 1st grade, and my daughter is in 5th grade, both in our Lower School.

Now, two years later, the reasons that brought me to Flint Hill as a professional are the same that bring me joy and confidence in this experience for my children: our core values, our student-centered approach, and a community-wide commitment to our Huskies.  

The Flint Hill Core Values stand out as more than just words on a page, but as expectations for our entire community to live daily:

  • Respect and Value All Equally
  • Lead and Support with Compassion
  • Act with Integrity
  • Imagine What’s Possible
  • Blaze the Trail

We live these core values through action, integrating them into our academic and co-curricular programming, from our Lower Schoolers reciting the “Husky Promise” each day, to a variety of student-created and student-led clubs and activities in the Upper School. They are actualized by an unparalleled, thoughtful, and expert faculty — people who truly love working with kids and one another — in classrooms, in performance spaces, and on athletics fields. In short, while we respect and value each individual for who they are, we are one community pulling the sled together in support of our Huskies.

I see this on a daily basis: Lower Schoolers working together to design and refine complex prototypes in our Innovation lab; Middle Schoolers pivoting from an in-depth and thought-provoking discussion of The Light in Hidden Places to join advisory to play a game and check in with their advisor; Upper School students debating ethical use of AI in a mathematics class, while also gearing up for Homecoming weekend. Our Huskies are eager and excited to engage because they know that Flint Hill is a place where they can be known and valued, brave and vulnerable, imperfect and yet impactful.

When illustrated in small classes, led by expert teachers, these core values enable our students to become more than just great learners. They become happy, healthy, and hardworking people, ready to make their impact on campus and the world beyond.

Whether you’re considering us for the full JK-12 experience, or considering a change for Middle or Upper School, I know you’ll find this community to be warm, welcoming, and ready to support your student as well as benefit from your child and family being a part of the Husky Team. 


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