From the Head of School

Head of School Patrick McHonett

Dear Alumni,

Earlier this month the ranks of our Flint Hill alumni grew by 129 students as we graduated the Class of 2023. We launch this group of Huskies off into the world ready to make their mark, just as they have done so within our Flint Hill community. Of these 129 students, 13 are "lifers" (having begun at Flint Hill in Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten). We have three seniors who are the last of four Flint Hill students in their respective families to graduate, as well as another three seniors who are the last of three Flint Hill students in their respective families to graduate. 

Whether they started with us at age 4 or 14, the members of the Class of 2023 have been on a journey during their time at Flint Hill. They entered high school during "normal" times, endured a global pandemic that shut down everything, weathered the fits and starts, pivots and adaptations, and have emerged stronger, smarter, and - perhaps - more grisled than any 18-year-old should be. They've shown grit and determination, while also encouraging all of us to open our eyes and take action to address various inequities and injustices in the world - problems that, we hope, they are best prepared to address head on, now and in the future. 

One hundred twenty nine students, each with their own unique voices and aspirations. We have instilled in them our best efforts - including the moments when we (or they) have fallen short, only to be supported by another Husky student, teacher, coach or community member. One hundred twenty nine students, each holding our hopes for the continuation and impact of our Core Values. Together, we expect our graduates to respect and value all equally, lead and support with compassion, act with integrity, imagine what's possible, and - of course - blaze the trail.  

Many thanks to all of you, proud Flint Hill Alumni, for setting the example!


Patrick McHonett

Head of School

Commencement Highlights

Achieve growth through discomfort, acknowledge that the journey is hard, but take time to celebrate, value your own perspective, and preserve this community. These were the four key pieces of advice Dev Sethi '02, this year's Commencement Speaker, gave to the Class of 2023. Dev demonstrated all of these pieces of advice through his speech as he shared some true times of discomfort in his life through which he grew - namely when his twin brother was expelled from Flint Hill and also right now as he was just part of the 21,000 person Meta layoffs. But he also took time in his speech to share how he grew from these tough experiences and celebrated and acknowledged a former faculty member who was instrumental in helping him do so. That faculty member is none other than Maddie Krug, who was at Commencement watching her granddaughter graduate! What a full circle moment for both Dev and Maddie.

Valedictorian, Jimmy Li '23 both celebrated his classmates and set the stage for what lies ahead for his class as he shared, "The strength we are celebrating today belongs to all of us. The qualities we possess - diligence, integrity, hard work, and kindness - are those most easily overlooked. And yet, they are what our society needs from us as we go out into the world." We are so proud to welcome this amazing group of Huskies into the Alumni Community! Check out more pictures from Commencement 2023.

Welcome Our Newest Alumni

Seniors assembled on campus a few days before Commencement for the annual for Senior-Alumni Move-up Day, an event hosted by the Flint Hill Alumni Office. This day, now its seventh year, is designed to prepare our newest alumni for life beyond Flint Hill. After having a professional headshot taken, they rotated through four workshops. LinkedIn 101, co-taught by Abi Baker '22 and Director of Alumni Relations Maria Taylor, taught best practices for networking on LinkedIn. Members of the Class of 2023 created their professional profiles using the headshots taken that day. The "Money Matters" session, taught by Math Department Chair Riki Weeks focused on important saving and spending tips. Haley Brandt '20, Darius Harvey '21, Elisa Morgan '22, Will Plaut '22 and Bryson Robertson '22 participated in a college panel Q&A moderated by Rico Reed, and current parent Alison Garen P'32 taught a session on college cooking. 

Farewell to Retiring Faculty

Then Now

Dave Walsh

Then & Now

Dave Walsh has taught math at Flint Hill for 20 years! Dave's care for students is evident in the way he approaches his job. He listens to them, is sensitive to their needs as whole people, and he strives to make them comfortable in his spaces, whether the classroom or in advisory. Dave has been an incredibly effective teacher both in the classroom and on the fields: he's coached football and softball at the varsity level and he even stepped in to coach volleyball this year when no one else could. Dave teaches by asking questions, by enticing students to engage with their own learning, to ask questions and seek their own answers. This method of teaching allows students to develop not only their own understanding of the material but their own motivation to learn. He asks students to CARE and take responsibility for their own learning. You can share words of congratulations or gratitude with Dave via this form.

Then Now

Valerie Morehouse

Then & Now

Valerie has been an English teacher at Flint Hill for 16 years and she epitomizes the value we place on relationships at Flint Hill. Her classroom has been described as the hearth of Flint Hill - warm and inviting, where students can gather, are safe at home, and genuinely understood. Often mentioned fondly by many seniors during their senior speeches, Valerie aptly demonstrated the right balance of caring and pushing for her junior and senior students. Her teaching supports the idea that exposure to higher-level curricula with the right kind of teaching and support benefits students for the long term. Valerie also took on the task of overseeing Senior Projects for several years. During her time in charge of this huge part of the Flint Hill Senior experience, Valerie brought the process into the 21st century by digitizing the Senior Project Guide Book and forms and she also revamped the Reflection Journal questions and timeline making it a much more meaningful experience for Seniors. 

One colleague shared, "She is a great model to all of us on how to have high expectations for students, be passionate about what we teach, and always exude warmth, kindness, and openness." Although her two grandchildren will keep her busy in retirement, we know that Valerie will be back to visit often! You can share words of congratulations or gratitude with Valerie via this form.

Then Now

Shon Garzan

Then & Now

Shon has been at Flint Hill since June 2016. His extensive knowledge and experience with complex technology infrastructure, software and applications has allowed Flint Hill to provide its students, faculty and staff with a high-caliber technology experience. Shon has implemented cutting-edge systems while always keeping an eye on the safety and security of our community's personal information and school data. Shon's experience and work ethic was instrumental during the construction and completion of the Peterson Middle School. He designed a robust technology environment that fit seamlessly with our other campus buildings. Shon and his team were instrumental during COVID, they worked tirelessly to find solutions to the ever-changing learning environment and for that, we will be forever grateful. You can share words of congratulations or gratitude with Shon via this form.

Alumni Voices - We Need You!

Flint Hill is so much more than a building you passed through for 4, 5, or even 14 years - it's a community! And one that you will always be part of as a member of the Alumni Association. Whether you graduated 5 or 25 years ago, the current generation of students continues to learn and grow in these halls, both in new ways and in shared traditions. It's those common bonds that unite us. Alumni voices are inspiring to our entire community, and we want to hear from you! 

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Was there a faculty member who inspired you? How has your Flint Hill experience inspired what you are doing now in your personal or professional life? Whatever it may be, you have a story to tell, and we are here to listen.

Your story is important and we're looking forward to connecting with you. Fill out this two question interest form or contact Maria Taylor with any questions.

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